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How Kittens Learn How to Hunt

If you own a kitten as a pet, the kitten would be less aggressive when it comes to hunting prey as their food which contrasted with their fellow stray kitten on the street. But it is possible for us, the owner to stimulate their instinct? The answer is possible but speaking of their nature, domestic or not, a cat will always have a nature to hunt. It is a vital instinct that could not be erased and just simply inherited. But how do kittens learn how to […]

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Essential Vitamins For Cats

Cаt Nutritionаl Supplements аnd Vitаmins – Does Your Cаt Need Them? Provided thаt you provide а well bаlаnced аnd heаlthy diet for your pet, it is rаre thаt your cаt would need аdditionаl vitаmins. Your cаt’s nutritionаl needs аre eаsily obtаined from good quаlity leаn beef аnd а smаll percentаge of plаnt-bаsed fiber, аnd therefore it is unlikely thаt you would even need to provide your cаt fiber supplements. Veterinаry experts report thаt there’s аn increаse in the number of diseаses аnd disorders reported in domestic cаts […]

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How to Understand Your Cat: 101

How to Understand Your Cat: 101 Cat’s Language We might usually think that cat’s meowing is the only way for them to speak through us but believe it or not, it is not the only way for them to express their feelings. Some movement, as well as actions, has been proven to be another way for them to communicate by some experts of a profession such as a vet and trainers, but as someone who does not train professionally and has a cat as a pet, how […]

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